• Grow Tent Dimensions : 4ft X 2ft X 5ft

  • Pipe Dia: 16mm

  • Pipe material: Aluminum

  • Lining : Mylar


• All bars with locking push tabs.

• Versatile - Compatible with all types of growing systems; hydroponic, aeroponic or soil based. Suitable for all types of lights; LED, Fluorescent (Standard, CFL & T5) and HID (MH , HPS etc).

 Strong Outer shell made from commercial-grade material.

 LIGHT-PROOF- Inner Lining is 100% reflective mylar to prevent light leak and to ensure strength. Newest material will NOT react under light and heat to release any harmful gas that might hurt plants.Material is completely opaque.

• Maximum reflection - Extremely efficient, highly-reflective interior lining allows plants to use all light without any wastage.

• Dual floor - Dual floor-pan provides a second layer of protection against any accidental system leaks or spills and easy cleaning between crops.

• Sturdy Cross Bars - Frame and all corner supports are made from high-grade material.


• Mult-access areas

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