GROW LIGHT TIMER ( Mechanical Type ) 

Northys Hydroponic Mechanical Grow Light Timer keeps your plants on a regular light schedule while keeping the light from getting too hot thus extending it’s life . Automatically turns your lights on and off! 10A ,  24 hour, grounded timer. Ideal for automating hydroponic systems, too!

Lighting period is an important factor for optimum plant growth . It would be best to start with a smaller time period and gradually increase it so maybe begin with 8 hours of the lights being on and move it up. 

The most important thing to ensure happens is that you have the grow lighting on a timer saving you from any human errors in switching the grow lights thus affecting plant growth cycle. 

• 24 hour cycle
• 10 amps  / 220 volts
• 15 minute On/Off ( Min 15 min Intervals ) 
• Incldes additional Indian adapter for direct plug-in to indian sockets.
• Easy operating and can also be used to cycle or automate hydroponic systems . 

Note : Please use only 1 timer for one grow light or hydroponic system to avoid any overloading and malfunction .

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