Hydroponic EC/TDS/Ambient Temp 3-in-1 Meter
 Product Features:
 1. Hydroponic Nutrient  test parameters : TDS ppm (mg / L), conductivity us / cm, Celsius temperature ° C, Fahrenheit temperature ° F.
2. Automatic shutdown: 5 minutes after the use of automatic shutdown.
 Manual shutdown: press the button 3s to shut down continuously.
 * Press the function key to display the EC value, and then press once to display the  temperature ℃, then press once again to display the temperature Fahrenheit. The function selection button (MODE): the default display tests TDS amount in ppm; Temperature ℉; then repeat the cycle to display the above.
 * CLEAR key function: Clear the lock read and re-test.
 * Automatic test and lock reading: clear after the insertion can be automatically read,  shows the corresponding TDS value or conductivity EC value.
 * Scale function: Less than 40 shows green backlight, more than 40 show red backlight.
 * Backlight function: the use of low-power backlight, easy to read at night and  dark places for testing use. 
 * Large screen display:
 TDS read range: 0-9999, identifier;
 3. Supply voltage:
CR2032 battery, DC3V; 230mAh. (Included)
 4. Test range:
TDS: 0 to 9999 ppm.
 5. Accuracy:
± 2% F.S
 6. Temperature test range:
0 ~ 99 ℃ (Fahrenheit for 32 ~ 212 ℉), accuracy ± 0.1 ℃.
 7. Use of the environment:
0 ~ 50 ℃; the maximum relative temperature of 95%.
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