Growing Bag is a long tubular bag that has growing media (like coco peat) filled in it. Small holes are made on the top at a distance of 30 to 40 cm, depending upon our own requirement. Fertigation is given through these holes using Inline Drip Irrigation system. 30- 45 mm long slits are made at the base of the Growing Bag in order to drain out excess water.

This system of growing crops is very efficient as it minimizes the chances of getting any disease through soil and enhances the productivity of the area and other inputs. This system can also be used on sloppy or undulating surfaces.

Cocopeat(Coir) Grow Bags are widely used in hydroponic industry.It is very good alternative to traditional peat moss and rock wool.

The Cocopeat-Coir grow bags can be used up to 3 years .

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