A vast range of chemical free, visually pleasing, high quality, leafy greens or herbs can be produced hydroponically in channels using the Nutrient Film Technique. Hydroponic leafy greens/herbs can be grown using recommended nutrient levels and climatic conditions to cut down production time and increase crop quality and yield. Major advantage of the NFT system is its ability to produce many crops within the same growing area because the channel plans allow the user to access all plants at any time.

Brand Northys has now introduced a smaller footprint but mega production Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) systems - 15 planter Gromatik-Selfy (15 ) & 30 planter Gromatik-Selfy (30 ) for the urban / 1st time hydroponic grower, avid commercial grower & housewives ensuring ease of use and hydroponic adaptability or a dedicated workhorse for that extra income, which is a complete high build quality & rugged ( Robust design with high grade components ) hydroponic system with the flexibility to use indoors / backyard , rooftop or appartment balconies as per your own growing needs .

System Includes :

15 or 30 planter ( Depends on the model selected) NFT system (With a choice of making 1 nursary channel ) with Snap-on Removable End-Caps. Detachable Stand for ease of operating & maintaining your system. 2" Tuff Grade Net Pots Grodan 1"x1" Rockwool Starter Cubes Hydroton ( Made In Germany ) Northys Seed Starting Potting MIx Seedling tray Nutrient Feed amd Drain Plumbing assembly Submersible water pump. Aerator pump with Airstone Reservoir Tank with Lid (Optional ) Two Part High quality / High Yield  Hydroponic Nutrients Assembly Instructions with User Manual Assorted seeds pack pH Tester EC Meter pH Controller - pH Up pH Controller - pH Down


Optional Accessories : Upgrade 500L Tank with Lid , Grodan Rockwool 1"x1" A-oK Starter cubes,  extra quantity Continuous Nutrient Tank parameter monitoring system , Hygrometer , Nutrient Tank Thermometer,   Water sprayer , Shade Net Timer Control Unit  Hydroponic Nutrients from Nutrifield Australia , LED Grow Lights​, 


Pls. contact for a personalized Gromatik Selfy quote .

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