An air pump is not necessary for your nutrient tank but this additional product can add a lot of value to any reservoir. Fluval Air Pump Q2 assists to increase the level of oxygen in your nutrient tank and maintains good quality of aerated nutrients at all times within your tank. The power of the pump depends on your individual requirement. You can choose that from a variety of different air pumps available.

The Fluval Air pump Q2 is silent and does not make much noise when working. It can be connected with any pipe that will facilitate generation of more oxygen into the system. The air pump releases the excess carbon dioxide into the air. This process is extremely beneficial for plants.The circulation of water can be achieved by a good filter as well but an air pump can enhance the result drastically.


Releases oxygen into air
Can be connected to any pipe
Removes toxic gases
Circulates water within your tank
Suitable for - Tanks upto 600 ltr
Outlet - Dual
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