Delivery FAQ's

1) I am not in town on this date? Can I choose my delivery date?
Once the order is placed, please call us at +91 989 110 5161 or write us at, we will be able to place the order on hold only in cases of it's a pre-paid order.

2) In my Order summary page, it shows my order is completed but I haven't received it?
On the order summary page the status of the order changes to complete immediately once the order is dispatched from our ware house; however the same takes approximately 8-10 working days to be delivered.

3) How do I know the status of my order?
If you're a registered customer with us, you can always login into your account and will be able to see the status of your order. You can always call our customer care team at +91 989 110 5161 or write us at

4) When will I receive my order? How can I check whether it is shipped or not?
We ship all our orders within 5-7 working days of the order is placed. Once the order is shipped from our end you will receive an email with the tracking number and the courier details.

5) Can I change my shipping address after I have placed my order?
Once the order is placed you will not be able to change the address from your end, However you can always call us at +91 989 110 5161 or write us at to get it changed.

6) I see that my order is in processing status from my account. I would like to know the delivery details and courier tracking no?
We ship all our orders within 5-7 working days from the date the order has been placed, status of the order would change to complete from processing once the order is dispatched from our ware house. You will also be notified by an email with the tracking and the courier details.

7) The tracking number for my order shipment is showing as invalid or no records found-why?
Since we operate with a vendor courier service for our order deliveries, once the shipments are physically handed over to them it takes approximately 24 hours for the same to be updated on the courier website. Post 24 hours of the order dispatched if you're still unable to track your order. Please give us a call at +91 989 110 5161 or write us at

8) I have received my cod order but don't have the exact change.Courier guy is taking back my order? What shall I do?

If the order is a COD order, we would request to please consider the amount mentioned on invoice and kindly tender exact amount including the change.

9) Can I schedule my courier delivery timings?
In such cases we would request you to call the courier vendor through whom the order is dispatched and request them to have the order delivered at a specific time. If the same is feasible enough the courier will do the needful.

10) After placing the order, I realized that the name mentioned in the shipping address is in my name, whereas this needs to be shipped as a gift?

You can always call us at 09911-4848-18 or write us at same day the order is placed and we will be able to edit the contact details for the order. We also have an option on the site at the time of placing an order in cases of gifts you can add a customized message for the special ones.


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