We offer high quality Plant Growth Stimulators from Growth Technology U.K. which are used for various plants, enhancing growth.



Blackjak from Growth Technology is a humic and fulvic acid concentrate. It contains a massive 20% Humic acid and 4.5% fulvic acid to aid your plants ability to stimulate plant enzymes, increases beneficial organisms and act as an catalyst for growth. It will also help in the transportation of minerals, vitamins and hormones.

GreenFuse BLOOM Stimulator


GreenFuse Bloom is based on natural plant extracts that will maximise the potential of the plant to produce large, colourful flowers. It can be used throughout the flowering cycle. GreenFuse Stimulators are manufactured in a laboratory in Holland, and are carefully blended from highly concentrated natural plant extracts. GreenFise BLOOM Stimulators have been subject to intensive testing with commercial crops...

GreenFuse ROOT Stimulator


GreenFuse Root contains a profile of natural ingredients that will help to initiate new roots and nourish the young plant as it becomes established. It can be used at all stages of the propagation process and is beneficial to all young plants. It can be applied to seedlings or to young plants from flask. It will reduce shock and help the...

IONIC® PK Boost ( 300 ml )


IONIC® PK BOOST is a nutrient supplement designed to be used during the middle/later stages of the flowering period. PK BOOST allows the grower easy control of the extra phosphorus and potassium that can lead to bumper yields. PK BOOST is an ideal addition to IONIC® BLOOM or OptimumBloom/Green Haze Bloom, but it can also be used very effectively with...



Nitrozyme® is a highly concentrated extract from sea plants and contains a vast array of natural growth enhancers. Nitrozyme® has been tested on many commercial crops and has shown outstanding yield increases. Nitrozyme® contains powerful natural growth enhancers, exotic micronutrients and bio-stimulants. The high concentration of these biological agents will potentiate the growth process of the plant, with specific advantage...