Now Offering a complete range of products by Growth Technology UK for care of orchids

Orchid Care Focus Gift Pack ( 100 ml )


An ideal gift for orchid lovers and enthusiasts.Contains:1 x Orchid Focus Grow 1 x Orchid Focus Bloom1 x Orchid Focus Ultra



Complete care for orchids The choice for convenience and results A ready-to-use nutrient solution, specifically formulated to support and prolong flowering. Orchid Myst is a revolutionary new way to provide orchids with all the necessary nutrients – both mineral and organic. The unique mister delivery system supplies nutrients and growth enhancers to every part of the plant — probably the...

Orchid Myst Repotting Kit


The Orchid Myst repotting kit contains all you need to help your orchid flower again! Orchids need to be repotted every 12-18 months, and this is an easy and convenient way to do just that. The Orchid Myst repotting kit comes with one 13cm clear orchid pot filled with Orchid Focus repotting mix, a 100ml bottle of Orchid Myst, and...