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The X-QUAD Maxx  DWC (Deep Water Culture)  system has been specially crafted for the serious Hydroponic grower . After the successful launch and appreciation of the X-Quad Mini, the Northys team brings you double (Maxx)  the power and performance with the robust & high-end  X-Quad Maxx. This special edition Hydroponic system is for all Hydro loving folks who have wanted to grow their own greens and wish a healthy life style and want to inculcate the same in their young ones and offer them a greener future.  X-QUAD Maxx  is a  Twin reservoir advanced deep water culture system which combines the simplicity and robustness in a single power package.  Each part of the X-QUAD Maxx system has been carefully designedbto deliver an unmatched performance and boasts of the finest components available. 

This system comprises of everything you need to start growing your greens like two sturdy 7 L high grade leak-proof reservoirs so that you have enough greens for all of your family and is easily manageable with specially designed spill-proof lid having catchment area to prevent water spills  in Snow-white  colour and comes complete with all accessories like a robust high power Air pump with dual outlets, extra long 6 feet high grade Silicon airlines, Best-in-class Grodan Rockwool A-oK 1"x1" size starter cubes, Hydroton-Made in Germany , 3" High grade net pots, Non-return Valves to prevent Airpump failure due to accidental back flow of the nutrients ,Grommets and Northy's X-Leafy ( Two part Hydroponic nutrients for making  100L  nutrients ) . Just Plug n Play a healthier and tastier future ... ENJOY !   
Functional  Description: Northy's X-QUAD Maxx
The conventional technique utilizes the use of a reservoir with the plants in net pots suspended from the lid into the nutrient solution. An air pump powered airstone oxygenates the nutrient, if sufficiently oxygenated, the plant roots can remain submerged indefinitely.
Once the plants are ready to flower, the level of the nutrient solution is gradually reduced to expose the roots to the air. Plants absorb vastly more oxygen directly from the air than from the oxygen dissolved in water. Deep water culture practice allows plant roots to take up  large quantities of oxygen while also allowing the uptake of nutrients. This leads to rapid growth throughout the life of the plant.

It is recommended to start this type of indoor DWC with rock wool starter cubes. Once the seeds are germinated in cubes of rock wool, put them into the DWC net pots previously filled with hydroton. Fill the DWC system with water and hydroponic fertilizers up to the level of the solution in contact with the base of net pots.

This way, the hydroton will be in contact with the nutirents  that will be absorbed by the plants roots. Soon the plants will develop a robust root system that will naturally immerse in the nutrient solution. It will not be necessary to maintain the level of nutrient  to the same level of the base of the net pots.  It is recommended replacing the nutrient solution approximately once a week and wash the container / tank with hot water or H2O2 to remove any algae, mold and salt deposits. Every time you fill the tank, measure the EC & pH of the solution and ensure that its value is between 5.5 and 6.5.  Constantly monitor the pH.




System Includes  :     
  • 10 L Reservoir with Lid  - (Colour : Snow White ) Qty : 2 Nos.
  • Dual outlet robust air pump(Flow Rate :3L/min )  : Qty : 1 No. 
  • 6"Aerator : Qty : 2 Nos.
  • High Quality Silicon Airline: Length - 6 Feet / Qty : 2 Nos.
  • Specially designed Net Pots : Size : 3" / Qty : 8 Nos.
  • Grodan Rockwool A-oK Seed Starter grow cubes (1"x1") - Qty :8 Nos.
  • Hydroton Re-usable Grow Media : Qty : For 8 Net pots
  • Non-return Valve - Qty: 2 Nos.
  • T - Connector - Qty : 1 No.
  • Grommet : Qty: 2 Nos.
  • Suction cup for Aerator :Qty: 2 Nos.
  • Free Seeds Pack : Qty: 2 Nos.
  • Northy's X- Leafy ( DIY Hydroponic nutrients for Leafy vegetables - Makes 100L Nutrients )


Maintenance of X-QUAD mini :


  • Always Keep the System clean
  • Keep the Air pump at a higher level from the tank to prevent any back flow of water which may damage the Air pump. 
  • Maintain the pH & EC as per the plants grown
  • Clean the tank & Replace the nutrients once a week.
  • Use only Hydroponic nutrients
  • Keep the Nutrients out of reach of children as these are chemicals for agricultural purpose only.
  • Wear protective gloves while preparing the nutrient stock solutions.



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