Northys offers the best Hydroponic Grow Systems  at the lowest prices. Need a  quality Hydroponic growing system? Northys has a good selection of Hydroponic Systems for every type of indoor grow room, from beginner to hobby to commercial growers. Northys can help you find the best hydroponic system to fit your needs ranging from mini DWC systems to flatbed and A-frame NFT systems.


Gromatik Selfy Hydroponic NFT System

Rs.23,000.00 Rs.18,000.00

A vast range of chemical free, visually pleasing, high quality, leafy greens or herbs can be produced hydroponically in channels using the Nutrient Film Technique. Hydroponic leafy greens/herbs can be grown using recommended nutrient levels and climatic conditions to cut down production time and increase crop quality and yield. Major advantage of the NFT system is its ability to produce...


Hydroponic Grow Light Timer

Rs.2,000.00 Rs.1,675.00

Description  GROW LIGHT TIMER ( Mechanical Type )  Northys Hydroponic Mechanical Grow Light Timer keeps your plants on a regular light schedule while keeping the light from getting too hot thus extending it’s life . Automatically turns your lights on and off! 10A ,  24 hour, grounded timer. Ideal for automating hydroponic systems, too! Lighting period is an important factor...


X-Quad Maxx Duo

Rs.9,800.00 Rs.8,500.00

Product Specification:Northy's X-QUAD Maxx - Made in INDIA     The X-QUAD Maxx  DWC (Deep Water Culture)  system has been specially crafted for the serious Hydroponic grower . After the successful launch and appreciation of the X-Quad Mini, the Northys team brings you double (Maxx)  the power and performance with the robust & high-end  X-Quad Maxx. This special edition Hydroponic...


X-Quad Mini

Rs.4,300.00 Rs.3,500.00

Product Specification:Northy's X-QUAD mini   The X-QUAD system by Team Northy's  is a special limited edition DWC bubbler system designed for the younger generation . This season gift an  X-QUAD to your family and kids and engage a green thumb for life. This all inclusive starter system is for all Green loving folks who wish a healthy life style and...

X-Stream 6


Northy's X-stream 6 HYDROPONIC DWC GROW SYSTEM   Product Specifications : This specially crafted X-stream 6 system by Team Northy's  is for all professional and hydroponic enthusiasts who wish a healthy life style and want  to grow their own greens hydroponically in lesser time. The X-stream 6 is a  6 pot deep water culture system with Next Generation Aerator for white crispy root...