Growing Media is the portion that the plants roots actually grow in. In many hydroponic systems such as NFT, Aeroponics and Deep Water Culture, the growing media is very minimal, with most of the roots growing in the growing system and nutrient solution. In other systems like flood and drain, growing in pots or drip irrigation the growing media is more substantial. We have a range of media available for hydroponic growing and coco growing and your choice will be driven by the growing system you have decide to use. There is much choice and each type of growing media has its benefits and drawbacks. It is about finding what suits your style of growing the best and which you can use to best effect while growing.

Grow bag

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 Growing Bag is a long tubular bag that has growing media (like coco peat) filled in it. Small holes are made on the top at a distance of 30 to 40 cm, depending upon our own requirement. Fertigation is given through these holes using Inline Drip Irrigation system. 30- 45 mm long slits are made at the base of the...

HYDROTON : German Grade - (Qty - 1 Kg)


HYDROTON is a unique substrate for hydroponic gardening. HYDROTON is made from expanded clay in the form of round pebbles. Thanks to it's unique form, HYDROTON keeps an excellent oxygen to water ratio which provides the best environment for great root development, excellent nutrient intake and lowers the risk of diseases in  plants. HYDROTON can be used as an indoor/outdoor main...

Nutrifield® Coco Bricks

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Nutrifield® Coco Bricks are made of the same RHP quality coco as Nutrifield® Coco Premium Organic Plant Medium. They are made up of 100% coco coir that is compressed and packed to ensure ease of transport, storage and handling. Nutrifield® Coco Brick comes in 650g pack..