We offer a variety of hydroponic starter kits all you need is the space to grow.

Northy's Auto-Watering Kit

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Indoor or outdoor growing is one of those hobbies that need quite a lot of attention especially if you're manually watering plants growing in pots of coco, growbags or soil. Going on work or a long holiday often has to be timed around your plants unless of course you invest in a  Northy's Auto-Watering Kit! Including a water pump, irrigation...

Northys Ebb & Flow Fitting Kit


Propagation or quality seedlings can all be successfully grown using the Flood & Drain method ( the choice of commercial growers ) Designed for use with Ebb and Flow trays, the Ebb & Flow kit from Northys now available to the home / urban grower which includes all the parts neededKit includes:0.5" Tub Outlet Fitting3/4" Tub Outlet FittingScreen FittingsOutlet Extension Fittings.Made...