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Air Compressor / Pump for Hydroponic Systems

Rs.3,075.00 Rs.2,590.00

Product Details This is an external heavy duty air compressor / pump for hydroponic reservoirs . It’s casing  is made of zl102 aluminum alloy with streamline design heat dissipation is more effective *driven by electromagnet motor adopts straight line reciprocal motion to produce air and more in structure *adopts sf3 type wear resistant material for the cylinder and piston which...

CLONEX Rooting Hormone Gel 50ml pack

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Product Details:   CLONEX - 50mL Make : Growth Technology, U.K Clonex Rooting Hormone Gel The ultimate rooting compound – used by professionals and amateurs the world over. CLONEX is a bright, translucent gel. It is a high performance formulation of hormones, vitamins and mineral nutrients. CLONEX is a high performance rooting compound. It is a tenacious gel which will...

e-wall -Vertical pots (QTY - 4 sets )


e-Wall is a green wall made up of multiple sections made from the shown product using your choice of plants, herbs,flowers etc..   It gives freedom of having e-wall in the required shape  in addition to normal horizontal and vertical placements, also it can be made of any size with the help of detachable 3 pot units.

Flexible Air Bubble Diffuser -75cm


These flexible porous air diffusers will make bubbles that will be dispersed equally to your nutrient tanks, so that your plants could get more percent of air from the big compressor or blower pump. It could be connected by standard 4/6 airline tubing to a simple T-Joint. Size : 75cm


Gromatik Selfy Hydroponic NFT System

Rs.23,000.00 Rs.18,000.00

A vast range of chemical free, visually pleasing, high quality, leafy greens or herbs can be produced hydroponically in channels using the Nutrient Film Technique. Hydroponic leafy greens/herbs can be grown using recommended nutrient levels and climatic conditions to cut down production time and increase crop quality and yield. Major advantage of the NFT system is its ability to produce...

Grow bag

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 Growing Bag is a long tubular bag that has growing media (like coco peat) filled in it. Small holes are made on the top at a distance of 30 to 40 cm, depending upon our own requirement. Fertigation is given through these holes using Inline Drip Irrigation system. 30- 45 mm long slits are made at the base of the...


Grow Light Hanger

Rs.1,500.00 Rs.1,075.00

Grow Light Hanger Ever caught up trying to adjust the height of your grow light to keep up with the growth of your indoor plants , now look no further as here is your one stop solution to all your grow light hanging issues. Heavy Duty Grow light hanger for adjusting height of grow lights for different stages of plant...

Handheld Hydroponic pH Meter


Handheld PH MeterThis is a Handheld Hydroponics pH Meter with a range from 0 - 14 pH easy to use and and it is a pocket type tester in hard shell carry case for long life and better meter protection and comes with calibration salts and a calibration screwdriver tool . 

Hydroponic EC/TDS/Ambient Temp 3-in-1 Meter


Hydroponic EC/TDS/Ambient Temp 3-in-1 Meter  Product Features:  1. Hydroponic Nutrient  test parameters : TDS ppm (mg / L), conductivity us / cm, Celsius temperature ° C, Fahrenheit temperature ° F.   2. Automatic shutdown: 5 minutes after the use of automatic shutdown.    Manual shutdown: press the button 3s to shut down continuously.    * Press the function key to display...


Hydroponic Grow Light Timer

Rs.2,000.00 Rs.1,675.00

Description  GROW LIGHT TIMER ( Mechanical Type )  Northys Hydroponic Mechanical Grow Light Timer keeps your plants on a regular light schedule while keeping the light from getting too hot thus extending it’s life . Automatically turns your lights on and off! 10A ,  24 hour, grounded timer. Ideal for automating hydroponic systems, too! Lighting period is an important factor...

HYDROTON : German Grade - (Qty - 1 Kg)


HYDROTON is a unique substrate for hydroponic gardening. HYDROTON is made from expanded clay in the form of round pebbles. Thanks to it's unique form, HYDROTON keeps an excellent oxygen to water ratio which provides the best environment for great root development, excellent nutrient intake and lowers the risk of diseases in  plants. HYDROTON can be used as an indoor/outdoor main...


Microgreens Grow Mat ( Grow Media )

Rs.2,375.00 Rs.1,950.00

Still wondering what to use for growing those delicious MICROGREENS ? NORTHYS brings in a perfect commercial Microgreen Growers choice - A low density and high drainage grow media for that perfect air to water ratio, it is specially engineered for MIcrigreens for home / urban  growers / Commercial growers . Higher drainage design helps to maintain an ideal air...


My Hydro-Pod ( Science Fair Project Kit )

Rs.3,500.00 Rs.1,975.00

Northys introduces “ My HYDRO-POD “ a hydroponics based DIY project Designed exclusively for School going students* participating in Science fairs, Science exhibitions, competitions and science model seminars .   The Hydro-Pod comprises of an unbranded DIY (Do-It-Yourself) basic level complete hydroponic system ( soilless growing system ) specially designed for school kids with easy to assemble features and a seed...



Nitrozyme® is a highly concentrated extract from sea plants and contains a vast array of natural growth enhancers. Nitrozyme® has been tested on many commercial crops and has shown outstanding yield increases. Nitrozyme® contains powerful natural growth enhancers, exotic micronutrients and bio-stimulants. The high concentration of these biological agents will potentiate the growth process of the plant, with specific advantage...

Northys Ebb & Flow Fitting Kit


Propagation or quality seedlings can all be successfully grown using the Flood & Drain method ( the choice of commercial growers ) Designed for use with Ebb and Flow trays, the Ebb & Flow kit from Northys now available to the home / urban grower which includes all the parts neededKit includes:0.5" Tub Outlet Fitting3/4" Tub Outlet FittingScreen FittingsOutlet Extension Fittings.Made...

Northys Hydroponic Grow Tent


PRODUCT DETAILS Grow Tent Dimensions : 4ft X 2ft X 5ft Pipe Dia: 16mm Pipe material: Aluminum Lining : Mylar PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS • All bars with locking push tabs. • Versatile - Compatible with all types of growing systems; hydroponic, aeroponic or soil based. Suitable for all types of lights; LED, Fluorescent (Standard, CFL & T5) and HID (MH ,...

Nutrifield® COCO A & B


Nutrifield® Coco A & B is specifically formulated to get you optimum results in coco coir. All essential macro, secondary and micro nutrients are contained within our properly balanced formulation to ensure substantial quality yields from start to finish. This product has been thoroughly tested within our analytical laboratory and undergoes intensive quality assessments in practical testing situations before being...

Nutrifield® Elements Grow & Bloom


Nutrifield® Elements Grow & Bloom is a premium 4-part nutrient system (2 parts grow & 2 parts bloom) specifically engineered for both major stages of plant development. Nutrifield® Elements Grow induces rapid vegetative growth by promoting mitosis (cell division) and Nutrifield® Elements Bloom ensures bountiful fruit and flower set, maturation, flavour, and hardening. Elements contain each of the key macro,...

Nutrifield® Hydro Clay


Nutrifield® Hydro Clay starts with the highest grade natural clay following a strict grading formula and is assembled via granulation method. By following this process we guarantee that you get a more consistent spherical shape and size with a more uniform and rigid structure that resists breaking. You get a consistent 8-16mm round shape that is rigid and made from...

Orchid Care Focus Gift Pack ( 100 ml )


An ideal gift for orchid lovers and enthusiasts.Contains:1 x Orchid Focus Grow 1 x Orchid Focus Bloom1 x Orchid Focus Ultra


pH Test Kit

Rs.1,475.00 Rs.845.00

The Growth Technology pH Liquid Test Kit comes with a test vial, test liquid and colour chart so growers can easily check, and adjust the pH levels of their nutrient solution. Just add some drops of test liquid to a sample of the nutrient solution, shake and compare the colour to the chart. Supplied in 20ml bottles that will last...



Root Riot cubes are made from composted organic materials, and have a great spongy texture, which retains the perfect air/water ratio for healthy, rapid root growth. Suitable for both cuttings and seeds, Root Riot® consistently outperforms alternative media. The cubes are specially inoculated with micro nutrients and biologically active ingredients to nourish young plants, and to aid root development. A...

Silver Foil - Duct Tape


Self adhesive aluminium foil tape, designed for light reflection (hydroponics) , heating & ventilation.


X-Quad Maxx Duo

Rs.9,800.00 Rs.8,500.00

Product Specification:Northy's X-QUAD Maxx - Made in INDIA     The X-QUAD Maxx  DWC (Deep Water Culture)  system has been specially crafted for the serious Hydroponic grower . After the successful launch and appreciation of the X-Quad Mini, the Northys team brings you double (Maxx)  the power and performance with the robust & high-end  X-Quad Maxx. This special edition Hydroponic...


X-Quad Mini

Rs.4,300.00 Rs.3,500.00

Product Specification:Northy's X-QUAD mini   The X-QUAD system by Team Northy's  is a special limited edition DWC bubbler system designed for the younger generation . This season gift an  X-QUAD to your family and kids and engage a green thumb for life. This all inclusive starter system is for all Green loving folks who wish a healthy life style and...

X-Stream 6


Northy's X-stream 6 HYDROPONIC DWC GROW SYSTEM   Product Specifications : This specially crafted X-stream 6 system by Team Northy's  is for all professional and hydroponic enthusiasts who wish a healthy life style and want  to grow their own greens hydroponically in lesser time. The X-stream 6 is a  6 pot deep water culture system with Next Generation Aerator for white crispy root...