Air pumps , Aerators , Aeration pumps and Water or Nutrient Circulation Pumps for Hydroponics reservoirs tanks . 

Air Bubble Diffuser


This air bubble diffuser not only adds oxygen to your tank but also facilitates the water movement in the tank. The bubble diffuser can be placed anywhere within your tank. It is very simple to use and can be added to almost any tank size.  FEATURESProvides aeration to your tanksConnected to air pump through a pipelineBoasts oxygen content within your...

Airstone Disc Diffuser

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NUTRIENT TANK AIRSTONE DISC SIZE - 150 x 16H MM PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:   Air stones are extremely  useful for creating oxygen in your nutrient tank Excellent to increase aeration Bubbles add life to the tank Durable air stone diffuses water in every direction Helps release carbon dioxide build-up Accelerates oxygen replenishment Fits standard airline tubing

Flexible Air Bubble Diffuser -75cm


These flexible porous air diffusers will make bubbles that will be dispersed equally to your nutrient tanks, so that your plants could get more percent of air from the big compressor or blower pump. It could be connected by standard 4/6 airline tubing to a simple T-Joint. Size : 75cm

Submersible Water Pump


Description :This submersible pump is designed for reliability and ultra-quiet operation to provide good service. The small profile size makes the pump easy to hide or disguise. Has good flow and is easy to clean. This submersible water pump is great for hydroponic systems.FEATURE:· High water  flow rate· Suction cup mounting feet for either vertical or horizontal mounting· Contains no...