Veg Ignitor™ (Previously NF Zyme®)


Veg Ignitor™ will induce rapid vegetative plant growth. The natural root stimulants, enzymes, and amino acids contained within Veg Ignitor™ present optimal resources for your plants to facilitate rapid root establishment, nutrient uptake, and robust vegetative growth. Your plants will be stronger, capable of bearing more weight, and have substantial lateral branching due to the stimulated cell activity which  Veg...

Vermiculite - (Qty - 250gms.)


Exfoliated vermiculite has been long established in the horticultural market. Mixed with peat or other growing substrates it is used to produce a range of growing media to suit every application. Vermiculite increases aeration and moisture retention, and through its high cation exchange capacity (CEC) it minimises fertilizer leaching. Manufactured at high temperatures, vermiculite is sterile. It is an excellent...

X- Sun 300 ( LED Grow Light )

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 Northys X-Sun 300    TECHNICAL INFORMATION Full Spectrum for all stages of Plants LED Colour Wavelength Yellow 580nm Orange 610nm Red 630nm Red 660nm Blue 430nm Blue 460nm White 12000K White 3500K UV 410nm IR 730nm Rated 300W - True / operational wattage 50-56W Body color: WHITEPower Plug: Modular Power Cord: With fuse protection, (Adapter For INDIA Region Included )Hanging...


X-Quad Maxx Duo

Rs.9,800.00 Rs.8,500.00

Product Specification:Northy's X-QUAD Maxx - Made in INDIA     The X-QUAD Maxx  DWC (Deep Water Culture)  system has been specially crafted for the serious Hydroponic grower . After the successful launch and appreciation of the X-Quad Mini, the Northys team brings you double (Maxx)  the power and performance with the robust & high-end  X-Quad Maxx. This special edition Hydroponic...


X-Quad Mini

Rs.4,300.00 Rs.3,500.00

Product Specification:Northy's X-QUAD mini   The X-QUAD system by Team Northy's  is a special limited edition DWC bubbler system designed for the younger generation . This season gift an  X-QUAD to your family and kids and engage a green thumb for life. This all inclusive starter system is for all Green loving folks who wish a healthy life style and...

X-Stream 6


Northy's X-stream 6 HYDROPONIC DWC GROW SYSTEM   Product Specifications : This specially crafted X-stream 6 system by Team Northy's  is for all professional and hydroponic enthusiasts who wish a healthy life style and want  to grow their own greens hydroponically in lesser time. The X-stream 6 is a  6 pot deep water culture system with Next Generation Aerator for white crispy root...